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Glass Workshop

As one of the few remaining glass workshops in the UK to silver our own glass we have become renowned for our antiqued mirror glass. 


We specialize in the production of mirrors using traditional hand silvering techniques, created using a recipe which we have perfected over time. Antiqued mirror glass is created by applying alkaline solutions to the silvered surface by way of spraying, sponging or painting in a controlled environment. 


We are also able to sandblast or sand carve glass using stencils to create patterns on the glass to be carved away or simply frosted. Other techniques include cutting and shaping a sheet of glass or very delicate cathedral glass using the traditional method of by hand with a diamond cutter.

FACT: Water gilding onto glass is created by delicately floating single leaves of gold or silver onto a gelatine solution which is flooded onto the glass. Once the leaf has dried it can be distressed and painted or back painted this is known as Eglomise.

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